Monday, January 24, 2011

Things That Irk Me!

Okay, since I have been getting a lot of comments lately about how calm of a person I am...and how I just let all the things my kids do roll off my back...I thought I'd share some of my quirkiness with you.  Things that irk me....make me grit my teeth, have knots in my stomach, make my skin crawl, and even make my head spin around (like the movie)!
Please don't hold my craziness against me in the future!

Alright here it goes...and these are just a few...didn't want to overwhelm you all at once.

I'm taking a deep breath now:

*Having to find the sheets that have been shoved to the end of the bed every morning by the Red's.  See my previous blog for pictures! How they manage to do this is beyond me, but every morning after they leave for school, i go in to make their beds and find the sheets at the very bottom of the bed underneath the comforter. Jesse says I should not go to the trouble of putting a top sheet on the bed..I disagree.  I am a big believer of the whole fitted sheet and top sheet deal...they go together like salt and pepper must not separate.  The Red's just need to learn how to sleep with the sheet.  Which brings me to my next irk.

*Top sheet must be folded over comforter while sleeping...cannot handle the comfortable touching my face or the sheets just being waded under your chin (Jesse).  They must be folded in an orderly fashion and laid gently on top of the comforter.  Then you may pull the covers up to cover you.  Yes I know it sounds a bit nuts...but this one I get from my mother.  Jesse on the other hand sleeps with a mess of blankets...oh I must move on, I'm getting upset just thinking about it ; )

*After washing, washing, washing, and folding, folding, folding.....going to put the clothes away in drawers and finding the drawers looking like a jumbled mess and then having to refold and organize that drawer! Eli is the culprit for this one!  He will dump his entire drawer of jammies out just to find his Transformers pair.  Then he just throws all the others back in the drawer.  This wouldn't bother me so much if those stinkin' jammers didn't take the longest to fold!

*Someone (Jesse) walking on my fresh mopped and or swept floor with their (Jesse) hunting boots, dragging in mud, dirt, ice/salt or duck and goose feathers..ARG...this one is the one that makes my head spin. And while we're on the subject of shoes....

*Shoes being left randomly around the house.....Seriously, is it that hard to walk to the closet and put your shoes up?  I do it, why can't you?  I think I pick up at least three pairs of shoes a day of Jesse's....come on already...the Red's even put their shoes away!  I do love my husband I promise!

*Okay, last one!  Whenever you are on the potty and you use the last bit of toilet paper...PLEASE PUT A NEW ROLL ON!!!!!!!  Nothing like having to pee so bad and noticing that there is NO TOILET PAPER! 

There it is, all wrapped in a nice little bow for you all this craziness...hope you all enjoyed the view inside my not so clam self!
I think I will write a sequel to this called "My Quirks", because it seems like I have a lot more quirks than irks!

Care to share what irks you?  In the comment section below tell me something that makes your head spin, skin crawl or teeth grit!  What is the one thing that gets on your nerves more than anything else?

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  1. My husband and I argue DAILY because he insists on putting his empty cup or glass in the fridge. It is something his dad did and passed on to him. Apparently it "keeps your cup cold and ready for your next beverage" (husband explanation). Isn't that what ice is for?? All I know is that when I go to put something in the fridge, I inevitably knock over the empty cup which in turn knocks several things over or out of the fridge! Bonus points if he happened to leave just a tiny bit of tea in the cup that spills all over the fridge!!!! Honestly makes me crazy!!!!

    Don't worry....I am a huge neat freak and somewhat OCD person so I have a list of "irks and quirks" a mile long! We could probably start a support group! =)


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