Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fishy Dog!

Can anyone tell me why dogs like to roll around in things that stink?  I mean they drool over themselves when you put a steak in front of their they must know what "good" things smell why MUST they roll in things that literally makes you gag????  Like poop, dead animals, garbage, or fish guts?
Belle the Wonder Dog used her "wonder" nose the other morning to sniff out some rank fish guts that had been left behind after someone cleaned a mess of fish down by the water.  I think I've mentioned before that my parents live on a lake so fish guts are not out of the question to find..or smell around.  I'll spare you all the photo and let your imagination take over!

I walked out the other morning to find her rolling on her back so hard and she looked to be in DOG HEAVEN...she was gettin' it DONE!  I've never seen that dog move like that...I mean HEA....VEN!  Head moving one way...body moving the other and paws straight up in the air!
Knowing that of course it was something stinky, I told her to come praying that it wasn't something too stinky!  However, I wasn't so lucky and when she came into smelling range I was knocked over with the stench of ROTTEN FISH GUTS!  YEA FOR ME : /
Somehow it never fails that she does something like this to create more work for me when Jesse is MIA! I mean, why can't she roll in duck poop while their hunting or find a fresh turd when he is home....nope always when he's gone leaving the work to me!
I took her outside and hosed her off and then noticed that it didn't help.  So I decided to take the easy way out and throw bumpers to her over and over in the water praying that each time would wash the smell away more and more.  It was almost as bad as trying to get skunk off (and yes, we have had that pleasure as well)....impossible!
The next morning I let the dog out again only to repeat the entire process....angry does not describe my temperament.....who wants to wash a BIG dog two days in a the cold mind you?  This time I pulled the dawn dish soap out and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed her down then sprayed her with the ice cold hose water...serves her right....STILL didn't make a dent in the smell though!
When Jesse arrived back from his hunting trip he was greeted at the door with his beloved dog and "the smell".  Immediately he was taken back and gaged a little asking what in the world she got into!  I explained what I had battled over the past two days and even got a chuckle out of him when  I told him that I even sprayed her down with Febreze (YES MAM, you better believe it!)....which didn't work either.

Later I guess the smell had gotten the best of him because I found him in the bathroom with Belle in the tub scrubbing her down again.  I told him I could still smell her and he said he had already washed her twice.  So on NEW YEAR'S DAY we made the 6 hour trip back home with a very fishy smelling dog in the back of the car....FUN! 
What a fantastic way to welcome the NEW YEAR OF 2011!
Is this just a glimpse of what's to come??????  The start of a brand new year?????  Lucky me!

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