Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hello, my name is Joy "The Sarge" and I'm a shopaholic.  To be more precise I'm a shoeaholic and I've passed my sickness to my daughter. 
There is something about shoes that just makes my heart skip a beat.  I LOVE them....the smell of them, the cuteness of them, the way they make me feel....yes I know I have a problem!
If I'm having a bad day, there's nothing better than a new pair of cute shoes (that I have absolutely nothing to wear with) to make me feel better.
When I was packing up my things before I got married Jesse and I counted how many pairs of shoes I owned....and it was well over 100.  Acknowledging my addiction, Jesse made the deal that for every new pair of shoes I bought I had to get rid of an old pair.
See compromise does work in a marriage...a little give and take.  I think he knew he would never win the shoe battle so it was best to join forces with the shoe queen.
My daughter has developed a love for shoes as well.  She will go to her closet and try on her shoes all day long!  I am very sad to say that she has at least 20 pair already, but they are so stinking CUTE! 
All you ladies out there know that each outfit requires a different shoe.  You have your black, brown, bone, & navy dress shoe (and red if you are feeling a little feisty).  Black and brown boots (can't mix colors), then you add in your sandal colors, flats and strappy shoes.  Not to mention the tennis shoes, rain boots, snow shoes, etc......they add up quickly!
On the other hand a mans closet requires: a pair of brown and black dress shoes, tennis shoes, and wonder they are so moody!  If they only knew how happy needless shoes would make them feel.  Maybe I should get Jesse a bright red pair of tennis shoes to send him to his happy spot.....or maybe not!
These are just a few of the recent pairs I have purchased for Sissy Lou and myself....enjoy...we are : )

There is no hope for us!!!!!  We are just trying to stimulate the economy by any means necessary!  Just think of the shoe factory, or the shoe designers we have kept in I feel a little better!  For a minute there I was feeling a little guilty about my addiction.....close one!

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