Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Suit vs The Pig it is....the pig story that I eluded too last week.  I received permission from Jesse to post this so I hope you all enjoy!
Back years ago when Andrew was just a baby and we still lived in Alabama on the lake we had a brief encounter with an alleged wild boar.  Where we lived was kind of like a sub division, but not really.  Anyways, as I was driving up to our house one day and our neighbor stopped me and said: "I just saw a wild boar running around in your yard".  Of course you could imagine my surprise to that statement.  Wild boars are not known to be nice sweet swine...nope they are the kind that will poke you with their tusk and ravage you to pieces.  Since we had a small baby and a small dog I wasn't too happy with this!
It was right about time for Jesse to be home and he pulled up soon there after.  When I told him that there was a wild boar running around the neighborhood he immediately grabbed his bow and we jumped in his car...with Andrew.  So here we are driving around our "subdivision" with a baby in the back seat, Jesse in his suit and dress shoes and me holding his bow and arrow. 
We didn't have to drive too far until we saw the "alleged" boar running down the street.  When the boar met Jesse's eyes it took off down a wooded ravine toward a section of the lake.  Jesse jumped out of the car, took his bow and headed after the pork chop. 
There he went through the woods still in his suit, tie and dress shoes.  He finally had a good shot a took it.  The arrow hit the boar and it took off! 
Just about that time Jesse hears the sound of a window opening.  Then a little old lady leans her head out her window on the other side of the woods and says:
"You shoot that pig"

Jesse: "Yes mam, it was a wild boar"
Old lady: "that's no wild boar, that's somebodies pet" (this said with the thickest southern accent you can imagine)
Stunned and not sure what to do Jesse turns and runs out of the woods...still in his suit and dress shoes and bow in hand!
He gets in the car unable to control his laughter and takes off himself.  He kept saying "I don't know what to do.....the arrow is still in the pig".
So we made the decision to drive around the neighborhood and look for the pig. Just a few turns later we see the "wild boar" running in the middle of the street in the subdivision with a yellow arrow sticking out it's side.
Apparently, Jesse didn't get that great of a shot, or it stuck in it's shoulder because that pig was booking it and not hurt at all. 
Jesse was ready to jump out of the car again, when I so gently pointed out that it's broad day light in a heavily populated area.....and he was in his the fact that we had no idea if it was a pet or a wild boar!
We thought it best to leave and just let the pig be alone with Jesse's arrow......a gift of sorts.
To put every ones mind at wasn't a pet pig, it was a wild boar complete with the tusks!
We never saw that porker again though...guess Jesse showed him!

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