Monday, December 27, 2010

Bath Tub and Baby Oil......

Somehow every time we are around the Grandparents my kids take every rule they've ever learned and throw it out the window!  It's total CHAOS!!!  The Grandparents are no help because they seem to loose their vocabulary and the only word that they can utter is YES!  To say NO would be sacrilege!
The Red's received a present from the "Grandparents" that required an object being submerged in water.  From there you can guess how they decided to submerge said object......bath tub!  So into the huge whirlpool tub they went.  Grandma went in and filled the tub up with just a little bit of water so they could take their bath and "submerge" their gift.  After the gift is under water it is suppose to turn into a toy....go figure.  Anyways,  Grandma leaves them to play and after hearing some crazy sounds decided to send Grandman in to check on those crazy Red's!
When he entered the bathroom he was immediately drenched in a wall of water that covered him from head to toe.  Upon further inspection he saw that the Red's had filled the garden  whirlpool tub to the brim with water and dumped out an ENTIRE bottle of BABY OIL!  OH MY WORD!!!!! 
He then observed them using the ledge of the tub as a diving board and doing canon balls into the tub of water mixed with baby oil.  Which would cause the waves of water that were six feet high to flood the entire bathroom. 
But instead of scolding the Red's and pulling them from the tub....the "Grandman" (who cannot say no) just lowers the water level and let them continue their craziness!  At the end of the night we ended up using eight towels and pulling in the mop for reinforcement. 
I mean come on, it was bad enough that we had to clean up all the water...but BABY OIL.....WHY OH WHY BABY OIL......and where did the baby oil come from?????
I really wish the Grandparents would learn the word sure would help with the reprogramming when we all part ways!
Seriously.....I think my kids have lost their worries....I will help them find them....and quickly!

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