Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby It's Cold Inside....

As I write to you all this morning, I am wrapped up in my fluffy robe, sweat shirt, sweat pants, house shoes and dog nose (for those who are not familiar with the "dog nose" it's cold and wet).  Shivering while I type...but I have to keep my fingers moving or they will go into rigor mortis.
Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.......and that law applies to our circumstances.
Somehow it never fails that when it is the coldest day or even the hottest day the power will go out, or the air conditioner/furnace will malfunction.  Every year that we have lived here we have had major power outages on these particular days. 
Yesterday we had the great pleasure of our furnace going out.  I happened to notice that it was getting chilly in the house so I set out to check the thermostat....only to find it blank!  It's digital and there was nothing there......blank screen, just staring back at me.
It also never fails that when something goes wrong with the house Jesse is hunting so the "fixing" is left up to little ole' me.
So I got to work, checking the breakers, checking the furnace, calling friends, calling the manufacture of the thermostat......etc.......
We all decided that the thermostat was bad and needed to be replaced.  Some dear friends of ours were already at Lowe's and just picked one up for us (and I love them dearly)!
When they arrived with package in tow, Jesse arrived also and they got busy "trying" to fix everything.  With the new thermostat hooked up they moved to the furnace and realized that our problem was much bigger than just a new thermostat.  So it was time to turn to the professionals....but wouldn't you know it that we would have "winter weather" on this day.  That the roads would be getting ugly and blowing snow would make for hazardous driving conditions.  Not to mention that the on call guy would charge the weekend rate!  We chose to rough it out and snuggle up by the fire place all night.  Let me give you a picture of what it looks like outside:
It's not much warmer inside my house as I break icicles off my nose....okay I might be exaggerating just a tad! 
Now we wait for the rest of Murphy's Law to kick in....the furnace guy will be here soon to tell us the bad news right before Christmas.  That or he will pull something out of the furnace that use to resemble some sort of toy.  Nonetheless I fear that it will be bad news.  Maybe by some Christmas miracle it will be something minute and I will have frozen for nothing.
I'll update our fate later........To Be Continued......

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