Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Addendum to the Christmas Tree Debacle

I thought you guys would find this funny after I just wrote about how cursed we are with Christmas trees!
Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from the store that we purchased our Christmas tree from.  Here's what it said:
"The pre-lit Christmas tree you recently purchased has the potential for a lighting failure on one or more of the attached light strings"

HA!  All I could do was laugh out loud....What are the odds that we pick the one tree that has the "potential for lighting failure"!
Hasn't that been our luck from the beginning!  I think that if the lights do go out on this one  we should keep it just to have the tree that is "US".
Here's the link to the other story of the tree to catch anyone up who has no clue what I'm talking about!

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