Friday, December 10, 2010

How We Sled

Here at the Richardson house hold we never do anything the politically correct way.  We were never made to live in a subdivision but somehow we landed right in the middle of one. I am from the great state of Alabama so I have an excuse...but Jesse grew up in the windy city of'd he get so country? Nonetheless, we are country folk, through and through.  We love the outdoors and the freedom it lends to just walk out your front door and pee (I'm speaking of the Red's here....not me) if you wanted to.  Or the freedom to walk around in the buff if you so desired and not have to worry about someone seeing you from across the street....not my cup of tea, but it's a freedom non the less...just sayin'.  Or the freedom to shoot any creature that ventures into our back yard without being hauled off by the law dog.....(this statement just reminded me of a story that I will have to start working on right away....*spoiler* involves a suit, an alleged wild boar and of course a sub division....and yes it's a snot laugher!  Just need to check the statue of limitations first)
Or the freedom to create your own sledding experience by hooking up the sleds to the 4-wheeler and dragging your kids across the yard.  In this respect we decided to be rebels and do our "country" thing!
 The other day we got our first snow here in Louisville and it was just enough that we could sled.  So we all bundled up and Jesse hooked the sleds to the back of the 4-wheeler and we had a blast!  The Red's wiped out so many times that I lost count, but they screamed for more.
Between our two barking dogs, Jesse blowing his duck/goose calls constantly, the Red's running out the front door to pee, and the 4-wheeler, how could our neighbors not love us?

Aren't you all so glad you're not our neighbors!  Maybe you should say a prayer for ours.....
And to all our neighbors past and present....SORRY BOUT' THAT (that should cover us for everything...)!

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  1. Love it! Of course, when we lived in Louisville we used cardboard boxes and plastic so who am I to judge?


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