Friday, December 3, 2010

Just My Luck.....

All's fair....Jesse said I had to blog this because I always pick on him.  So here's another "just my luck" moment of mine.
Jesse's company host a Holiday party every year to say a big thank you for all the hard work.  I always look forward to this event because it's my one time a year that I get to dress up and look all fancy.  This year I happened upon my dress early and just fell in love
The picture just doesn't do it justice!

(*Warning*  for some the information below might be TMI....but necessary for the story.)

A few months ago I decided to get back on birth control (I know TMI), and as all the women that are reading this right now know.....Birth Control can screw with your hormones...BIG TIME!  I'm extremely sensitive to medication anyways and birth control is no different...let's just say that my body/face reacts in one lights up like a Christmas tree...BREAK OUTS galore!
I am a 31 year old woman with acne...nice right!  So because this elegant event was coming in less than 2 weeks I decided to take matters into my own hands.  The only way to get my skin clear in time was to start tanning.
I do not tan, I have not tanned in a bed for over 5 years.....I am what people like to refer to as "fair" skinned!
So I hopped on down to the tanning salon and purchased my package.  Knowing how fair skin I am I decided to just do 10 minutes the first session.  After I was done I noticed that I was just slightly red on my belly.
The next day all was fine, no only having 9 more days that I could tan, I made a quick (and bad) decision to head back down there and tan again.  This time I thought I would just tan 5-8 minutes.  I told the girl behind the desk that I got a little pink the day before and what bed I was in.  She suggested that I use their bronzer bed instead since I was only going for 8 minutes.  She doesn't burn just tans UV lights. 
Cool....bronzer bed...I'm in!  So after my 8 minutes I headed back home.....only when I undressed I looked something like this:

"You don't burn" buttocks she's a LIAR!
I'm not joking's been two days and I still look like that stupid lobster!  So much for tanning anymore...I'M BURNT....BEAT RED...and we all know what this means...I'M GOING TO PEEL!!!! 
I called Jesse into the bathroom and showed him and he fell over laughing...Thanks for all your support Jesse!
Now, I would show you a picture of my belly, but I feel like that would be crossing a line and make you and I feel very uncomfortable.  So for all our sakes if you would like a mental picture find the reddest piece of paper you can find and hold it up to your own belly....there you have the picture!
Oh well....that's my luck....beautiful elegant evening in a strapless dress while MOULTING....Should be a blast!

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