Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Traditions....

I ♥ CHRISTMAS!!!!!  Not because of the presents and food (even though those things make it fun), but because of the rich tradition that comes with it.
It seems like the one time of year that everyone seems to STOP, SLOW DOWN and gather together!
Since I was a little girl my family would always gather together on Christmas Eve to read the Christmas story from the Bible.  I mean come is the reason for the season people!  We are celebrating the birth of the Man who came to SAVE US!!!!  How much more exciting can it get!
My dad would break out the enormous family Bible that we were never allowed to touch and turn to the book of Luke.  We would sit and listen to him as he read the entire Christmas story and then we would all take turns going around saying what we were most thankful for then pray.  When we were done it was time for Christmas carols.  Mom would fill up her crystal glasses all with different levels of water and pass them out.  Everyone would grab a spoon and tap the glasses as we sang.  Each glass would make a different sound because of the different levels of water making them our instruments.  Corney I know, but we loved it!
Then we always got to open one present on Christmas Eve...just a little one.  It was almost too much for my little heart to bare to wait on Santa.  I would be so excited I couldn't get to sleep......I knew that he was on his way!
I would go upstairs and snuggle up to my brother Stephen in his room and we would watch Santa on radar on the news. 
The next morning, after waking everyone around 5 am we would have our HUGE Christmas breakfast.  We were not allowed to open presents until after breakfast was done!  This always made me crazy, but now I understand.  It's the hope of parents to hold onto Christmas morning and all it's glory as long as you can....not to rush it!

In our household we make up all Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve and decorate them.  Then we carry on my child hood tradition and read the Christmas story to the kids.  No presents are opened until Christmas morning...per Jesse. Then we set out the cookies and milk and even the magic reindeer food. 
There is nothing like hearing the pitter patter of your kids feet running down the hall to see what Santa has brought.  I cry every year....I'm crying now just thinking about it!  The pure joy that beams from their faces is too much to take in!
I wish I could freeze frame that exact moment!
There's just something about Christmas that warms the soul.....not presents, not food.....but the love of Jesus our Savior!  I contribute the peacefulness to Him!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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