Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Mobile!!!

My husband, since he loves me so dearly and thinks fondly upon this blog....decided to get me something for Christmas that would help my cause!  Knowing how I love to write, love to spend time with family and love to shop on-line......came up with the best present ever for me.....A LAPTOP...YEA!!!!

Now I can write whenever and wherever I want to....carpool line, on long trips, sitting in bed, sitting on the couch...the possibilities are endless!  I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!
I am writing to you all sitting all snuggled up in the bed with two snoring dogs at my feet....I would have a husband beside me, but as you all know it's duck season....so that means I'm a hunting widow!
So while he's out braving the elements and roughing it in a hunting cabin, I'm snuggled warm in bed typing away.
I guess you can expect a lot more useless blogs from me at weird hours.....my brain seems to churn the most at night and I might just have to get the stories out so I can sleep!
Here's to Jesse...the man with the plan!  BEST PRESENT EVER (unless he got me a van...then that would top this one...just sayin')!
Good Night my dear friends and sweet dreams!

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