Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eye Doctor....

The other day I had to take Eli to the eye doctor to get his eye exam for school.  I thought it best to schedule the appointment for after school so I set the time for 3:00. We arrived at 2:30....I figured early is good right?
Here's a few things you should know before I get into my story:
a) Sissy Lou missed her nap that day
b) please try and remember the eye drop story ( )
c) I had all three kids with me without any help

Aren't you all feeling my pain....and at the same time wondering what the heck happened at the eye doctor to warrant a blog......and give me grey hair, wrinkles and a need for anxiety meds.....well then I will continue:
Arriving 30 minutes early turned out to be a mistake.  For some reason the Optometrist was backed up and we sat in the waiting room for 50 minutes.  Let me see if I can break things down...Sissy Lou was ill nap, Andrew didn't want to be there wasn't about him, and Eli was scared to death of the eye doctor because....of the blog above about the eye drops (  you really need to read that one if you haven't, it will put things into perspective!
So Sissy Lou is pitching fit after fit, running around pushing every magazine on the floor that she can.  Andrew is whining..can we go now, and Eli is crying and putting himself in a frenzy about the eye drops.
We finally get called back (around 3:20) and get put into the little room.  Eli starts freaking out about not wanting to get into the chair, Sissy Lou wants to destroy my purse and Andrew is still whining...and wants to go. 
I put Sissy Lou on the floor with my wallet (her favorite thing to play with), I give Andrew my iPhone to play games (which the battery was almost dead) and I get in the chair with Eli.  The nurse does her little test and we are left to wait again while she gets the doctor.  The doc comes in and does his thing and now it was time for the dreaded eye drops.
*NOTE*:  It's probably a bad idea to tell your kids that your eyes will fall out and not work if you put eye drops in your's one of those times that a previous statement comes back to bite you in the buttocks..AGAIN!
The Optometrist made a very wise choice and got the heck out of there (wish I could have joined) and left the dirty work to the nurse and her helper.
They leaned Eli back and tell him what they have to do and guess what Eli did......
SCREAM....and close his eyes so tight that they couldn't shove the eye drops in!  After a few attempts they exit and tell us we have to wait for 5 minutes to see if they eye drops got in.  Eli's crying, Sissy Lou's getting restless again, and Andrew is now upset because my phone has just died.  So to occupy his time Andrew jumps up and starts pressing the buttons on the chair that Eli is in.  It was right about that moment that I realized what it was like to be out numbered!  Up until this point I had never had all three kids acting like fools at the same time!  I couldn't help but think what the office staff thought about me and my parenting skills.  I felt doomed!!!!  They finally came back and decided to send us to another waiting room (I can't imagine why) wait to see if any of the eye drops made it in.
Sissy Lou is pitching her fits again, Andrew is still whining about wanting to go and Eli is still crying!  After I explain to him that we can go as soon as we can get the eye drops in he agrees to sit still. Fifteen minutes later they attempt to put another drop in and Eli sat so very very still!  Then.....we had WAIT again!!!! 
 Fifteen more minutes passed and now I'm ticked, frazzled, tired, and wanting to GO!  What in the world is taking so long I wondered?  They weren't busy, and they weren't friendly or sympathetic to my plight. And then it happened....the thing that always happens when you're not prepared, frazzled and feeling like the world's BEST parent....SISSY LOU POOPED!!!! That was it, I was done!  So I found the nurse and I said..."I've got to go" was now 4:15!  I think she saw the vein popping in my neck, eye twitching and realized that I WAS ABOUT TO BLOW!  She found the doctor and they finished the exam quickly and we got out of that place ASAP!
I can say that without a doubt...I will never, never, NEVER, take on the eye doc with all three of my nutty kids again!
The End!

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