Wednesday, December 8, 2010

She's Going To Be The Death Of Me!

I don't know what has gotten into my daughter here lately but I think we have entered the terrible twos early!
A few days ago I was startled to see my 17 month old walk over the pantry and turn the knob and open the door.....
Not to mention that she gets into my cabinets almost daily and cleans them out:
The very next day I was even more startled when I turned around to see this:
This is a high top table!

That night I was even more disturbed when she climbed out of her crib...GREAT!  Life as I know it has now changed to a whole new disturbing level!  We have now moved to the toddler bed and you all know what that means...she can get up whenever she wants to (just don't let her know that)!

On Sunday after church (pre-pet store) we went out to one of our favorite spots to eat..RED ROBIN (if you haven't been, I highly recommend).  Anyways, it's always an adventure to eat out with all three kids.  This time we got the corner booth and Jesse and I had the blockade going at each end.  Jesse was at one end with Andrew beside him, then Eli, then Sissy Lou....then mommy at the end finishing out the crescent. 
Andrew and Jesse got busy right away with the kids word puzzles and that left me manning Eli and Sissy Lou.  Eli somehow takes it upon himself to entertain Sissy every time we are out in public and the show they put on sometime becomes loud...very LOUD!  Our onion ring tower came and calmed down the show for a little bit, but Sissy Lou decided that Andrew's onion ring looked much better than the one she had in her hand.  So off she went , stepping over Eli and pushing Andrew out of her way so she could steel his onion ring.
After corralling her back my way the food came and distracted her for just a bit.  In the mean time Eli decided to share his french fries with Sissy...only she didn't want it.  He persisted on until he made her little temper come out and she reached over, grabbed the french fry out of his hand and smashed it on top of his head.
Parenting 101 tells you that you should never, ever laugh at your child when they engage in bad behavior.  But sometimes the hilarity of the moment takes you over and you (the parent) let out the slightest giggle.  And somehow your child picks up on that tiniest of laughter and continues on with the unwanted behavior.
When Sissy Lou realized that smashing french fries made us laugh then she continued smashing french fry after french fry on Eli's head.  I did try to stop her....I promise...but sometimes mommies get so tickled at the situation that they become helpless!
Jesse was no help either, there we both sat with the napkins placed over our faces, laughing underneath our breath. We regained our composure and removed the french fries from Sissy Lou's reach....only to anger her which point she launched the remaining french fries that she had left in her tiny little hands!
We decided it was time to Jesse scooped up the Red's and I went to grab Sissy Lou. She realized that her time on stage was coming to an end so in a last ditch effort to recapture her audience she reached down and grabbed Eli's corn dog and flung it across the restaurant....laughing. 
With our heads hung low and apologizing as we maneuvered through the crowd we exited quickly!
She really might be the death of me!  Please say a prayer for my sanity at this point! The girl gets into more than the Red's ever imagined. 

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