Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My 1st GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Alright, the time has come for my 1st official GIVEAWAY!!!!  I'm so excited...can you tell? 
On January 9th I celebrated the one year anniversary of "The Sarge of 4".  When I first started this blog I just thought it would be a great way to archive my stories for the kids and keep the family in the "know" so I didn't have to recap events everyday.
Since then I have been blown away and blessed by you all who have come to The Sarge of 4 to read about my embarrassing moments, my nutty kids and my hunting addicted husband....oh and my crazy dogs (the wonder pets)!
So in honor of all of you for taking the time out of your days to visit, I am hosting my first giveaway!  I wanted to show you all how much I appreciate you and all your comments!  You have encouraged me to keep going and to keep writing and I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

The time has come for me to announce the ready? I AM.....I'M REALLY EXCITED! for all your dedication, I am giving away a Visa card that is filled with $100.00.  YES, you read correctly....$100.00....ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!
WHOO HOO!!!!!!!
I bet you are wondering how you can get your hands on that money.....well let me give you some rules!


1.  You must answer the question (given below) in my comment section on this blog.
2.  Make sure to leave your email address so I can get in touch with you in case you win.... I have to have a way to contact you!
3.  Contest will end on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 19TH at 7:00 PM.....that gives you all one week!   The winner will be announced the next morning (Thursday January 20th).
4.  You have 72 HOURS TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE once I've contacted you (just reply to my email with your shipping info).....and then I will send you your prize!
5.  One comment per person please! it....let me review:
Answer the question in my comment section below and leave your email address with your answer.  That's it!  You will be entered into a random drawing by "True Random Number Generator".   Your comments will be listed in order starting with the first comment being #1.  So whatever number you are in the comment line will be your number for the drawing.  I will enter how many numbers I have and the "True Random Number Generator" will pick a number at random....yes I know I am repeating a lot, but I want to make sure everyone understands the rules!  It's all fair!  I AM NOT picking the number...the computer is.  If you would like to read more on the True Random Number Generator then you can go to:
Alright, so you have the rules so let's get to that question you have to answer to enter!  Since this is the one year anniversary of the Sarge of 4 then I would like you to tell me:

*What has been your MOST favorite post (story) over the past year from "The Sarge of 4"?

Yes, really, it's that simple.....answer that question in the comment section below with your email address and be entered in to win $100.00!!!!!!

Thank you all again for sticking with me over the past year and I look forward to the years to telling what the Red's, Sissy Lou, Jesse, the "Wonder Pets", and Sarge will get into!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:

The Sarge!


    Love hearing about all the adventures that would cause me to hit the ceiling in anger, but you glide thru it like Cinderella. I also appreciate you honesty, in particular, description of your car accident. Most of all, like to hear about your walk with GOD ! We moved from L'ville 1.5 years ago and miss seeing you on stage at NECC. Have a blessed day and best of success. Erik

    I enjoyed reading your testimony. To know that you were here at church during that time and how everyone prayed you through every day you were in the hospital. I was just getting to know you then. You are a true walking miracle. I love you Joy!

  3. Ok Joy, you know I love reading all your posts because typically you have me laughing out loud. I have learned not to read your blog while drinking a beverage because more than likely I will end up spitting it on the computer screen at some point! I love your honestly and your attitude. I SO wish we lived closer and could hang out. Ahhh, so my favorite post. I have a few but I really enjoyed the tanning bed one back in December (I have a similar story only with spray tanning - yeah it was good!!!!). Keep on posting and I promise to keep on reading!!!!!

  4. I absoliutely love "The Suite vs. The Pig". It literally had me "Spit Laughing". Sounds like something my husband would do. I wonder what ever happeded to The Pig. LOL!!!! Who knows. Keep up the posts. I love them!!!!!! Take care Joy and I hope to see you the next time you come to AL.
    Lisa (Cooper) Viola

  5. Ok, Boo. I had comment and lost the comment. My faves are the Reds and all of their adventures, but my very favorite is "The Meeting". I remember you getting ready to go out that night and your face when you came home and told me about "this guy" that was there. Too funny. You guys are perfect for each other and make great babies :)

  6. I enjoy the stories about the Reds and the wonderful adventures they take. Like, the many ways one can mess up a dvd, very helpful since I want a new one. And, the many ways a black magic marker can be used. I have not tried all those new places. Oh, and how to use a hammer and nail to rearrange pictures. I think their placement of the holes is very creative. I enjoy the Reds stories so much because for a short while I was part of their lives and I loved it so much!


  7. The Fence Dilemma. That one made everyone at admin wonder what I was doing because you made ME "snot laugh"! Now, on to steal your chili receipe so I can make it for Phil! I can't wait for him to try it!

  8. Oh Joy - even though I am fairly new to your blog I've read many of your older posts! They all make me laugh (or cry) but the one that made me laugh the hardest was about Dr. Pooter. I'm laughing just typing this! Please keep posting - it is so good for my health!!!

    Kim Hundley

  9. Joy,
    It's hard to pick just one b/c I can almost always count on "snot laughing" at anything you post. Thinking back, I would have to say my favorite was Handsy Andrew! I always enjoy reading about the Reds & Sissy Lou's adventures & never fails to make me laugh!

    Crystal Lee

  10. I love you posts. My favorite would be when Andrew changed the dirty diaper to play with your iphone.

    Sue Cavanaugh

  11. It's so hard to pick a favorite one b/c I love so many of them they are so good and I can relate to many of So if I have to pick one I guess I like how you guys meet the best it's so inspiring that love can find you when your looking at someone else. We all know Jesse was checking you out!!!! If I'm the lucky winner I'm going to do a back flip just for
    ohh by the way my email is
    Nancy Pfer

  12. Oh my... they are all so funny! Your testimony is my favorite. I always love to read about your story. I love to see God working in your life! (Of course, Mr. Pooper is really so funny! It cracks me up!) Keep it up! You guys are some of my favorite people! Love you!

  13. i think my favorite is the post on how you and jessie met. i love that one and your testimony. of course they are all my favorites. too hard to pick one.

  14. Oh no! I can't decide, so I'm going with "Will Fall for Blog." That was one desperate move, I must say!

  15. Joy I love them ALL but favorite would be "What would you do for an Iphone" b/c I see Ryleigh doing something like that in the future...she loves our phones!!!

  16. Jesse getting stuck under the fence trying to teach the dog to fetch was the best one.

    Chad G

  17. Joy, I have to say my favorite post was your 100th post about being in the hospital giving birth. I laughed with you on this post(what mother doesnt have a great birthing story!!) You are so brave for sharing that story. Thank you for sharing these funny, crazy, loving stories of your life!!

  18. I loved "Eagle Eye's Jesse" because it reminded me SO MUCH of my lovely hubby...and boy do I like getting away, but I am always nervous as to what I might find when I return!

  19. It is impossible to pick a favorite!! I feel blessed to have heard many of these stories in person! Your family has brought a lot of laughter to our lives and your posts do too. My vote would be the story about your car accident though. The way God worked in that time in your life makes all the other stories possible to treasure! Love you girl! Paula M.

    Paula M.

  20. I absolutely loved the one of grandma's missing night gown; however, if I'm allowed to choose one from 2011 I still love the story of your boys hoarding the gum balls. :)

    Hope to see you soon and share my own little one with you!

  21. Joy,

    I love all of them but my favorite is your testimony. You are a true miracle. Everytime I read or here your story it touches me in a different way. I love and miss you!

    Leigh Ann

  22. First let me say I love reading your blog I am always wondering what will happen next. There are several favs so I dont know I can pick just one. Atop my list is your testimony I remember getting the news of that day and hearing the recovery reminds us of how great our God is a shows how strong of a woman you are. Second comes the suit vs the pig, only because it reminds me of a story about my husband that includes a trip to a lake a boat paddle and an over friendly raccoon that turns out to be a family pet named chatters. Lasltly the story of your daughter smashing french fries on her brothers head. Its nice to know that I am not the only one that can not hold back the giggles when the kids do something that you know is wrong but it is still funny.

  23. Joy- We love reading your blog, I always share it with friends and family and they get such a kick out of it. If I had to pick one that stands out, I think it would be your first anniversary-maybe? Jesse had a nice dinner for you on the lake and a fisherman was hanging around.
    They are all great.

    Greta W


  24. I love reading your blog! Your life is certainly adventurous!! It makes me appreciate the relative calm I have every once in a while! My favorite story was your 100th post. Your most embarrassing story! That took some guts to post! I laughed so hard! Anything that happens in the labor room should be excused and forgiven forever!

    Holly Dodd

  25. Joy,

    All your posts are hilarious. The one sticking out so much right now is the fight over the boot and how you waited til she was asleep in the car to change. I have that similar fight daily. Love you and so glad to hear about your beautiful family.


  26. That's like picking your favorite song, or book, or dessert! Like many, I have to say reading your testimony is such a wonderful inspiration. Thanks for your transparency, Joy.

  27. My favorite is The Truth and Nothing But The Truth, only because I have been burned by that policy more than once. What are you gonna do though?


  28. My favorite post is hands down The Suit vs The Pig. :)) The whole situation is so ridiculously absurd - I wish you'd shot it on video. (And just for the record, if I had a bow and there was a wild boar running around, I would have done the exact same thing!)

    If I win, my email is grig at gmx dot com


  29. Annonymous
    You were one of the bridsmaid in our niece's wedding and then your accident the family always had you in there prayes and you trurly are a miracle.My favorite is "Christmas Traditions" the true meaning of the season. Thank you for sharing yourself and family with us.

  30. My favorite has to be the one about your most embarrassing moment. I still can't believe you were that honest with us but I loved it! Thanks for sharing your life and helping some of us other Moms see that it is not just us going thru this craziness we call life! You are a blessing to me and I know to so many others! Keep up the good work!

    Kristie B.

  31. I have to pick the gumball story! I think your kids are lots of fun to hear about!

  32. I still can't figure out which is the best/funniest story of last year there's just so many. If there was a way to see your faces as the story takes hold would probably be the funniest. Every morning i start my day by reading your blog an it makes me think about Jesse walkin around in his boots as a child just like Sissy an i grin real big. Great job on the blog, keep it up. Love Mike

  33. Joy-You have such way of writing these stories that just makes me laugh out loud each time. I think they get funnier the older my son gets because I can relate to the mischeviousness. But I have to say I love the story of the dumpers...I showed everyone in the office the flour and sugar all over the floor...what a mess! Thanks for the constant entertainment!

  34. I love all your stories and can totally identify with most of them...haha! It is great to know that someone else has kiddos that keep them on their toes as much as mine do. I LOVE the story about your little girl and the boots! When you said you waited until she was asleep in the car to swap her shoes! That is totally something I would do! Pick your battles!! =) I love your blog and getting to hear about your sweet family!
    Jenn (Kanute) Gaddis

  35. As you know, I think they should make your blogs into a family sitcom! I look forward to reading each one. However, even though I love you, Jesse and the kids - my favorites are of Bella (as I am a fellow Labrador lover). I love the ones of her rolling in poo and other wonderful things, but my favorite is "Bella - The Hunting Dog??". The picture of her running through the fields with her bright pink fingernails with her macho hunter at her side!

  36. My favorite story is the vaseline story. What these 3 little darlings can think of getting into. I love the way you just laugh it off. Your are a great mother and you will have some wonderful memories


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