Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am a born and raised Southern Girl through and through and I grew up eating Southern food made by two Southern parents.  Our family roots grow deep in the South.  Well, somewhere in my early 20's (more like 19.....just like a true southern girl) I met the man of my dreams and fell in love.  The only problem with the picture was that he was a Yankee, and we are all aware of the North vs. the South rivalry.......
So of course being from the South I thought that our food was superior....what's not to love....butter.....fried anything.....cornbread...sweet tea....not to mention cobbler!
However,  I found that my man not only had a sexy accent, but also had a great palate for food...Northern food that is. 
My dear sweet Northern husband, loving me so dearly, decided to introduce me to a Northern sandwich, promising me that it would change my life.  So he took me to Portillo's, it's a restaurant in Chicago that makes the most incredible Italian Beef Sandwiches ever!  They also have Hot Dogs, but they freak me out because they put cucumber slices on them....and that is just WRONG!
Anyways, back to the Italian Beef.....after I put one bite in my mouth I was hooked!  So over the years I have ordered my Italian Beef from Portillo's in Chicago so I can feed my addiction from time to time!  Last night was one of those lip smacking, juice dripping down my arms nights, when I stuffed myself until sick with this incredible sandwich...I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!  I'll give the North at least one point for this sandwich.....but I'm still Southern through and through...I just cheat every now and then ; )
Portillo's is MOST definitely one of my MOST favorite things.
If you've never tried them and want to check them out here's their website link below:

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