Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Demolition of DVD Players....

Over the past four years we have gone through three television's that have the DVD player inside them for the Red's.  You might be asking yourself why would we keep purchasing these TVs for the Red's if they keep breaking them and the answer is simple....I HAVE NO CLUE.....call it a few mini strokes (a friend of mine said that phrase this weekend and I fell in love with it....so it's my new phrase....anytime I screw up it's because of those dogged "mini strokes")!
Any who.....These TV/DVD combos are the cheapest ones they sell at Walmart.  I did have enough smarts about me to realize that the Red's did not need anything extravagant. However, for Christmas this year we decided to get them a flat screen DVD combo because they had them priced so low....
again, you might be asking yourself why...and again..."mini stroke". 
So I thought I would indulge you all on the stories of how they wrecked the past two TV/DVD players. 

The first TV/DVD combo is a mere mystery to me...I have no clue how they did what they did.....
Somehow they managed to insert a cup full of sand (I have no clue where the sand came from) into the DVD player...after taking the whole thing apart, Jesse and I realized there was no hope for the DVD player and it became just a TV...with sand. 
I would love to take a tour through their brains sometimes and understand the decisions they make and how sand in a DVD player made sense to them.
The next unit we bought on a whim on a hunting trip because we had nothing to entertain the kids with in the cabin and it was so cold outside we couldn't play!  We had made a trip to Illinois for Jesse to do the "big horn" hunting and after arriving and spending one day couped up in the house with the kids we decided it would be best to do something.......or I could have rocked myself in the fetal position while sitting in the corner...kidding!
So that's how we came about the second unit...how they killed that one is a total different story. 
When I make Spaghetti I also make garlic cheese biscuits with melted butter and garlic poured over the top (no need to post this recipe...it's on the back of the Bisquick box)!  There are usually tons of biscuits made and a few extra left for later. 
Eli, being the little sneaky boy that he is, snuck into the kitchen and grabbed a few garlic cheese biscuits for himself.  He then ran down the hall and into the room where the TV was.  At this point I'm not sure what crossed his mind (maybe he had a "mini stroke") but that boy of mine decided it would be a great idea to take that garlic cheese biscuit and insert it into the DVD player.....yeah, we never got that out.....
We have a growing graveyard of TV/DVD combo units in our storage room!
Jesse and I made the vow that we would NEVER get them another TV/DVD player!!!! Until this Christmas.....when again "mini stroke" and we bought one. 
I am happy to report that from the 17 days since Christmas the TV/DVD player has gone unharmed....but we were gone 9 of those days.  I think that if they break this one Jesse might just have a FULL BLOWN STROKE!

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