Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Dentist...

Yesterday was Sissy Lou's 18 month checkup and since she was sick I decided just to take her and just not get the shots.  Good thing I did because it turns out she has an ear infection.  Anyways, if you can remember from yesterday's post, the school had called off school due to snow, so I had all three kids with me..and that's what we call a NIGHTMARE!  Eli loves to be right in the middle of everything so I was constantly trying to deal with him, talk with the doctor and manage Sissy Lou.  Andrew was in a zombie like state of his own with his DS so I didn't have to worry about him.
Every time I leave the doc's office when I have the three of them with me I feel like I've been run over by a truck.  This time was no different!  I headed to the pharmacy to pick up Sissy Lou's meds and then we all went home.  I had forgotten however, that I had made dentist appointments for all three of them for that afternoon and it was way too late to cancel!  Not only did I have to stress through the doctors visit, now I had the added stress of the dreaded dentist visit!

Let me let you in on a little secret.....Eli hates the dentist, mainly because he is an extreme gagger.  He has a horrible, horrible gag reflex!  If the consistency on mash potatoes are just so, he gags with a mouth full.  Brushing his teeth he gags, too much in his mouth he gags....he is a gagger!  Which is never fun when you go to the dentist.
That afternoon we headed to the dentist.  Andrew was up first and ran right back and jumped in the chair and did his exam without incident.  Then it was Eli's turn....and I held my breath when they said they wanted to get some bite wing x-rays on him.  He went over to the x-ray machine and they tried repeatedly to get him to bite down on the x-ray film....and he gagged everytime! Poor little guy, he had tears streaming down his face! I guess you know that we didn't get those x-rays!

They bring Eli over to the dentist chair and you can tell he is dreading this. He begs me to hold his hand and right at that exact moment (just like on cue) Sissy Lou blows out her diaper (she's been sick remember so it's not the good blow's a blow out that I have to take care of that instant).  So I tell Eli I'll be right back and head to the bathroom with her and when I return the dentist is almost finished cleaning his top teeth and that's when the gagging began and didn't stop until....HE THREW UP!  Oh yes, he threw up, from the tooth paste getting too far back in his throat. Nightmare!
I have to say that I was laughing, the dentist was laughing and the assistant was laughing. We couldn't help ourselves..the drama that Eli had created was almost too much to bare.  They even commented on the fact he was one of the worst gaggers they had ever seen..NICE!
Eli is absolutely having a melt down about the fact that he just threw up and they still have to clean his bottom teeth!
Finally I was able to calm him and the dentist was able to finish...and have him rinse out often!
I told the dentist that I wish I had a camera to record everything that happened in those ten minutes because there was no way I could retell it like it happened! 
The good news is that at least he didn't have any cavities, so we can wait 6 months before repeating the process ; )

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  1. Oh gurl!!!!! Mia is the same way!!!!! She'd make herself throw up by crying too hard, mashed potatoes, every time she gets a cold because of the snot in her throat, you name it! Plus the second time she went to the dentist... throw up. Ack!!


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