Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Endless Parade of Children....

Ever had one of those nights where you had an endless parade of children coming and going out of your bedroom all night?  Last night was one of those nights for me, and I am in a true zombie like state as I sit and write this morning. 
Sissy Lou has been sick with a fever and cold for a few days now and is having a rather difficult time sleeping long periods.  Last night I got her into bed at 7:30 pm and the Red's went down soon there after.  I was exhausted from the night before (another sleepless night for Sissy Lou) so I was ready for some sleep! 
Jesse had a late meeting that kept him until after the kids were asleep.  When he came in he wanted to watch a movie together.  Trying not to blow my husband off and cherishing that he wanted to spend time with me, I agreed....even though I was exhausted!  Around 10:00, right in the middle of the movie, I hear the pitter patter of feet running down the hall.....and it was Sissy Lou.  I let her sit with us for a few minutes so Jesse could love on her some and then returned her to her bed.  Ten minutes later she returned.  So we cut the movie off and I took her back to her room again.  She waited a good 30 minutes (just long enough for me to doze off) for her third return.  This time I snuggled her for a little bit and then again took her back to her room.
Around midnight I hear those precious little fat feet running down the hall again.  In a daze I look up to see her standing beside my bed with her comforter in hand.  She drug it all the way from her room and wanted to sleep in my bed with it.  Again I returned her to her room with the comforter in hand.  This time however, I got in the bed with her....her TODDLER bed....tiny little bed with no room....just for her!  Can you picture a grown woman in a toddler bed with the toddler in it....I was kind of tickled by the sight myself!
After snuggling her for 10-15 minutes I rolled off the bed (literally) and headed back to my bed where there was room!
Sometime in the middle of the night Eli appeared at my side of the bed whacking his hand against the mattress to get my attention. Can anyone tell me why they never go to Jesse's side?  After waking I asked him what was wrong and he told me he had a bad dream.  I asked him what his dream was about and he said that T-Rex was chasing him.  So I did what any good parent would do and told him to go have another dream for me and in this one he should shoot T-Rex with a gun.  That seem to pacify him and he returned to his bed.

About an hour later Andrew appeared at my bedside.  He didn't pat my bed, he didn't nudge me, nope.....he just said "MOM, HEY MOM"....and with that I peeled my eye lids back and said "what Andrew?"
Then he says...with all honesty...."Where's Eli?"...I answered: "Andrew, he's in his bed".  Andrew replied: "no he's not", "yes he is son, he is in his bed, go and look".  And with that he turned and left....
I'm going to say that Andrew's trip into my room was a sleep walking event...not sure....but not sure what else to say about that. 
The phone rang at 6:00 am this morning with an automated call from the school saying school has been cancelled due to the 1 inch of snow we have on the ground....WHAT????  Anyways, as I rolled over to see what time it was and I noticed a little figure sleeping beside me......and it was Sissy Lou.  I have to honestly say I have no clue when she came into our room or how she climbed up and got into bed without waking me. 
The Red's woke up around 7:30 demanding their breakfast so up and out of bed went the momma with little to no sleep. 
I might as well get pregnant again....while I'm use to getting up in the middle of the night ten thousand times! 
The kicker is, since there's a snow day then there is a no nap day for momma....sad times people, sad times!  So if you see me today, pay no attention to the large bags under my eyes that make me look like I haven't slept in a week...cause I haven't.
Serves me right after I posted a story about how hard my kids sleep..ironic right!

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